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The Cleared Leaf Image Database has multiple user levels that enable users to browse, download and even upload/manage collections of images for use by the community. More details are as follows:

  • Guest: a Guest is someone who would like to browse the image thumbnails and data, but isn't interested in submitting or downloading images.
  • Registered: A Registered user is someone who interested in full access to the images and associated data, but is not interested in bulk uploading images to the collection.
  • Curator: Curators have all of the previously listed privileges, and also help to maintain the collection, by serving in a quality control capacity. Quality control involves flagging and/or editing misleading or erroneous data. Owners have privileges to bulk upload images to their managed collections.

Collection creators or managers have full privilege on their collections. They can declare their collection to be either public or private. They can even also customize roles and permissions of their collection. Check FAQ section on how to customize default roles and permissions on the collection.

A user has to be a member of a collection in order to add images to the collection. Check FAQ section for details.

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