Welcome to the Cleared Leaf Image Database. The database is an online collection of cleared leaf images from different investigators and labs around the world gathered together in a single place.

The objective of the database is to

  • Facilitate research advances in the study of leaf structure and function
  • Preserve and archive cleared leaf data in an electronic, accessible format
  • Promote the exchange of new data and ideas for the plant biology community

The leaf images contained within the database are of many types, but are primarily images of cleared leaves where veins have been enhanced relative to the background through the use of chemical clearing or other methods of enhancement.

We welcome you to browse through the image collection or search for images to get a sense of the variety of image types and quality. If you would like to access the images, or submit images of your own, please 'Sign up' and become a registered user.

Check this document to get started on the database.

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