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Name Affiliation Location
rizza's picture
Rizza Anderson Olin College of Engineering Needham
atopping's picture
Adin Topping RISD Rhode Island, USA
Alejandro Jaramillo Urán's picture
Alejandro Jaramillo University of Antioquia Medellín, Colombia
vishnu.res19's picture
VISHNU M Indian Instituteof Information Technology and Management Kerala Kerala, India
gwstull's picture
Gregory Stull Postdoctoral Researcher, Kunming Institute of Botany; Research Associate, National Museum of Natural History. Baltimore, MD
egillam's picture
Eryn Gillam MIT/Wolfram Boston
SrisahithK's picture
Sri Korandla Nashua High School South New Hampshire, USA
Sujith_uok's picture
Sujith Ariyapadath University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
jibek_ucl's picture
Jibek N UCL London
Kasturi Pananjady's picture
Kasturi Pananjady CT Mirror Connecticut
stedmanrh's picture
Stedman Halliday California Institute of the Arts Los Angeles, California, USA
Plrmoraes's picture
Pedro Moraes UNESP, IB, Department of Biodiversity Rio Claro, SP, Brazil
plrmorae's picture
Pedro Rodrigues de Moraes UNESP, IB, Department of Biodiversity Rio Claro, SP, Brazil
Bianka00's picture
Bianka Matics yes Budapest
LukeMander's picture
Luke Mander The Open University UK
De Sousa Naouel's picture
De Sousa Naouel Simplon Toulouse
Clement's picture
Clement Rollès Simplon Toulouse
Mostafa Kotb's picture
Mostafa Kotb Egyptian Japanese University for Science and Technology Egypt
Sawan Rai's picture
Sawan Rai PDPM IIITDMJ India
minhnhathoang's picture
nhat hoang Student Vietnam
shubhamgupta2048's picture
Shubham Gupta JNTU Hyderabad
flodeze's picture
Florian Juniat Univertisty Scotland
jeremyp's picture
Jeremy Paton none USA
Rspiekermann's picture
Rafael Spiekermann Senckenberg Forschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum Frankfurt Frankfurt
zhang0's picture
lin zhang XM university xiangan south road
pablo.triangle's picture
Pablo Fabre Worker Mexico
rpribeiro's picture
Renato Ribeiro university of lisbon faculty of sciences and technology lisbon's picture
J S None UK
hmccarthy's picture
Heather McCarthy University of Oklahoma Norman, OK, USA
migueline6's picture
Miguel Barrero Colombia Bogotá
jvictorinog's picture
Jorge Victorino Academic Bogota, Colombia
jevictorinog's picture
Jorge Victorino Academic Colombia
darmart's picture
Darwin Martínez Riaño Universidad Central de Colombia Bogotá
Johanna Julieth Suarez Poveda's picture
Johanna Suarez Poveda Estudiante Colombia
bmion's picture
Ben Ion None Canada
Mohsin's picture
Mohsin Challoob Griffith university Australia
osooluwatobia's picture
Oluwatobi Oso National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow, India
akireGV's picture
Erika Villa Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México México
Smile's picture
Wang rong 18016872953 China
Durant's picture
Durant John None France
zhenzey's picture
Zhenze Yang MIT Cambridge
Brown PaleoAI's picture
Brown University PaleoAI Project Student, Member of Serre Labs Providence, Rhode Island
w7storm's picture
Kichang Kim Inha University Incheon, South Korea
Casey Chen's picture
Casey Chen Xi'an Jiaotong University, China China
Mananayas's picture
Mananayas Mananayas Student Providence, Rhode Island
test's picture
Test 123 Student Providence, Rhode Island
atiyoghosh's picture
Atiyo Ghosh Independent researcher London, UK
aasthapaliwal's picture
Ilaine's picture
Ilaine Matos UC Berkeley Berkeley, California
Ana Catalan's picture
Ana Catalan Nenhuma São Paulo - Brasil


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