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Namesort descending Affiliation Location
Prasanna Natarajan's picture
Prasanna Natarajan Shiv Nadar University India
gnorth's picture
Gretchen North Occidental College Los Angeles, CA, US
janowak's picture
Jacqueline Nowak University of Melbourne, University of Potsdam, Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology Melbourne (AUS)/Potsdam (DE)
monika's picture
monika nugraheni Indonesia Yogyakarta
Khaledodat's picture
Khaled Odat Jordanian University Jordan
osooluwatobia's picture
Oluwatobi Oso National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow, India
Brown PaleoAI's picture
Brown University PaleoAI Project Student, Member of Serre Labs Providence, Rhode Island
aasthapaliwal's picture
Caroline Pannell's picture
Caroline Pannell University of Oxford Oxford, England
leafbase's picture
Mauro Passalia CONICET S.C. de Bariloche, Argentina
manish's picture
JuanG's picture
Juan Pavas Visitor, non- member Colombia
cypee's picture
ChihYang Pee Dr Multimedia University, Malaysia
nipunperera's picture
Nipun Perera University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka
Juan Pablo Pino's picture
Juan Pino Universidad de Chile Santiago
pbhanududi's picture
D.BHANU prakash Assoc.Prof. Hyderabad,India.
yewenpu's picture
Yewen Pu mit MA
zquirk's picture
Zack Quirk University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
rkrl001's picture
kun ran
Gayathiri N R's picture
Gayathiri Rangan Kotagiri Nilgiris
skeletonsocks's picture
Rhiannon Reeves 78 United States
phoboid's picture
Henrik Ronellenfitsch MPI DS, Göttingen Germany
Smile's picture
Wang rong 18016872953 China
aruckman's picture
Aaron Ruckman None. San Diego
asalvi's picture
Amanda Salvi University of Wisconsin - Madison Madison
samantagp's picture
G SAMANTA Calcutta University Kolkata
lahsreh's picture
Hershal Sandu Student India
mseeland's picture
Marco Seeland Technische Universität Ilmenau Ilmenau, Germany
pankajshr's picture
Pankaj Sharma IIT Delhi India
adeloscope's picture
Mikey Siegel Stanford Palo Alto, CA
naveensingla's picture
Naveen Singla Student India
mark smart's picture
Mark Smart Queen's University Belfast Belfast Ireland
soleimani.fa's picture
omid soleimani at Khatam Nonprofit University Tehran - Iran
gaurav_srivastava10's picture
Gaurav Srivastava Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences Lucknow, India
jb1998's picture
John Benedick Sta. Romana Technological Institute of the Philippines - Quezon City Quezon City
MStuehler's picture
Michael Stuehler Hochschule München/Munich University of Applied Sciences München/Munich
dwtaylo2's picture
David Taylor Indiana University Southeast New Albany, IN
jlevye's picture
Jennifer Teshera-Levye University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN, USA
Qwerty's picture
Abhi Thomare njiji pune
Nanette Thomas's picture
Nanette Thomas University of New England NSW Australia ANNANDALE
millevacs's picture
Romain Thomas MNHN Paris France
hemangi thorat's picture
hemangi thorat engineering mumbai's picture
vivek tiwari IIIT Naya Raiour India
anas's picture
Anas Toma TU Dortmund Germany
azzouztr's picture
azzouz triki Computer Science Sfax
yuchangt's picture
Yu-Chang Tsai National Taiwan University Taiwan
Swati Uddey's picture
Swati Uddey Jabalpur Engineering College Jbalpur
dieteruhl's picture
Dieter Uhl Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt Frankfurt on the Main, Germany
GarlandUpchurch's picture
Garland Upchurch Texas State University San Marcos, TX
tuandocorp's picture
T V High school for the gifted Vietnam


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