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The following lists software tools that may be of use to researchers interested in analyzing the structure of cleared leaf images. If you know of additional software tools, please email our team so we can add them to this list.

Academic-developed software

  • Price, C. A., Symonova, O., Mileyko, Y., Hilley, T. & Weitz, J. S. Leaf Extraction and Analysis Framework Graphical User Interface: Segmenting and Analyzing the Structure of Leaf Veins and Areoles. Plant Physiology 155: 236-245 (2011).
    Software: LEAF GUI.
  • Bylesjo, M. et al. LAMINA: a tool for rapid quantification of leaf size and shape parameters. BMC Plant Biology 8: 82 (2008)
    Software: LAMINA.
  • Rasband WS: ImageJ, US National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD USA 1997-2011
    Software: ImageJ
  • Dhondt S et al. Quantitative analysis of venation patterns of Arabidopsis leaves by supervised image analysis. Plant Journal 69: 553-563 (2012).
    Software: LIMANI

Commercially-developed software

  • Software: WinFOLIA, Regent Instruments.

Plant Image Analysis Software

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