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We have published authenticated REST web services to upload processed images to the database. We also have a client application and API that you can use to upload processed images to the database.

  1. Client Application
  2. Client application requires Java 6 (or later version) to run. Download java here. To run our application you will also need a file (csv) containing comma separated values of processed image details.

    Download our application.

    CSV file format
    The CSV file required for batch upload of processed images should be in following format:

    Parent Image Name, Parent Image Id, Processed Image File Name, Result File Name, Software Used, Brief Description about Processing.
    eg. sample.jpg,1234,sample_processed.jpg,sample_processed_result.xls,LEAF GUI,Leaf vein extraction

    Check this sample file. We encourage you to download images using batch download functionality and editing the downloaded csv file with image meta data.

    Copy the application to the directory containing processed images and csv file. Open a command prompt/shell/terminal window. Go the directory containing application and processed images. Type the following command and hit button.

    java -jar clid.jar sample.csv user_name password

    Replace the following:
    sample.csv with your file name
    user_name with your database user id
    password with your database password

  3. API
  4. To use the API download our application and add it to your systems classpath.
    The API is provided through a Java class called “UploadProcessedImages”. It exposes an interface called “ToCLID()” that requires three parameters:
    1. CSV file name (String data type)
    2. Database user name (String data type)
    3. Database user password (String data type)
    The following Java code snippet can be used to invoke the API:

    UploadProcessedImages.ToCLID(csvFile, username, password);

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