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Smithsonian Institution, National Cleared Leaf Collection - Wolfe (NCLC-W)

Cleared leaf images currently displayed by ClearedLeavesDB are of specimens cleared and stained under the direction of Jack A. Wolfe, U. S. Geological Survey.

The collection contains over 14,000 leaves. The largest number of specimens in NCLC-W (7,460) were obtained from the University of California Herbarium at University of California Berkeley. Other contributing herbaria providing large numbers of specimens include the California Academy of Sciences (2,375), Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University (1,294), Missouri Botanical Garden (1,184), New York Botanical Garden (507), Field Museum of Natural History (388) and the National Herbarium of the Smithsonian Institution (172). When available we have provided the herbarium code and number for the sheet from which the cleared leaf was removed, and this number should be cited whenever possible.

Slides were photographed by Dane Miller, Erika Gonzalez, Ian Tom, Stephanie Bailey, and many volunteers at the Smithsonian Institution.

Collection Licenses: 

Smithsonian Licenses

Images of NCLC-W specimens can be used for private, education, research or other non-commercial purposes for free, provided that the source and the copyright holder are cited. Any commercial use requires consent of the Smithsonian Institution.

All Images in Collection

10392.jpg 2,584 hits.
3607.jpg 978 hits.
8730.jpg 856 hits.
10353.jpg 854 hits.
11369.jpg 837 hits.
8466.jpg 799 hits.
2299.jpg 717 hits.
30400B.jpg 713 hits.
1064B.jpg 694 hits.
15186A.jpg 685 hits.
2874.jpg 685 hits.
8388.jpg 682 hits.
6311.jpg 675 hits.
10229_zm.jpg 666 hits.
8578.jpg 662 hits.
1000a.jpg 661 hits.
14400b.jpg 658 hits.
13369.jpg 650 hits.
8926b.jpg 647 hits.
594.jpg 647 hits.
814.jpg 639 hits.
14475.jpg 632 hits.
14046.jpg 614 hits.
9.jpg 614 hits.
7001.jpg 613 hits.


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